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Elderly brother and sister mysteriously disappear in Texas – police intensify search




A 61-year-old woman went to for her missing brother in his house has mysteriously disappeared as well. Her brother, Rogelio Escobar, 65, was last seen Sunday, August 26, 2018.

Escobar left home on foot. He walked with a limp, but always kept to a schedule – which included going to a corner store. When he did not come back home for three days, his sister, Dinora Escobar, went over to his house to look for him on August 28, and vanished too.

Dinora Escobar’s says ’s not like her mom to go days without contacting her . Her mother’s car is also missing.

“She’s very close to all of ,” she said. “We have group text messages where we’re always sending pictures to each other. (Saying), ‘How was your day?’ Goodnight.”

The and a professional search and organization embarked on a fruitless searched for the missing siblings on Saturday. Houston say homicide investigators are involved in the case and urged anyone with information to contact the Houston Department.

Dinora Escobar’s said that she has a really bad feeling that they would have gone missing for so long and not inform anyone. She said that she has her suspicions, but says first they need to find the missing car, or get some sort of lead.



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