DEI Florida

The heavily discussed subject regarding DEI has sparked a lot of debates among conservatives and liberals alike. On one hand, some agree that this policy is helpful to people who are in need of an opportunity. However, on the other hand, others are seeing this as a form of discrimination towards people who are actually capable of doing the job properly. 

According to WPTV, the Florida Board of Governors recently approved measures to eliminate sociology from general education core courses and restrict spending on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs at public universities and colleges. 

This decision disallows state or federal funding for DEI initiatives. Critics argue this move jeopardizes student unions supporting various communities. While the board emphasizes it doesn’t aim to censor student groups, concerns persist about the impact on marginalized communities. 

Additionally, sociology is no longer a core course option, although the board clarifies it’s not entirely removed but shifted from a core requirement. The decisions faced opposition during the meeting.

Conservatives finding DEI ban as something beautiful 

Popular conservative writer, Christopher F. Rufo calls the removal of this initiative “beautiful.” Furthermore, X users are agreeing with this rhetoric. Some feel that these progressives are getting upset at being told that discriminating against people for the color of their skin is vehemently wrong. 

Following that, other prominent conservatives state that progressives are finding ways to repackage woke ideologies into different naming conventions. Conservatives add that liberals are aware that their ideas and initiatives are unpopular, but they still feel that this is the best idea there is. 

A college student shared her fears saying she wrote a paper on the dangers of DEI. She feared that they might expel her for thinking something that is not aligned to their ideology. However, she did end up with a B+ and X users state that the university should’ve added points for her bravery. 

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