Ella Chen spends Chinese New Year in Melaka

The Taiwanese singer-actress is married to Malaysian entrepreneur Alvin Lai and was in Melaka on the eve of Chinese New Year for the family reunion dinner

Visiting relatives and friends is a must-do for Chinese New Year and most of us return to our hometown during the festive season. Taiwanese singer-actress Ella Chen spent her Chinese New Year in Melaka visiting her in-laws on January 24.

As one-third of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E., Ella tied the knot with Alvin Lai, a Malaysian entrepreneur in 2012. Since they got hitched, the couple always make it a point to return to Lai’s hometown for Chinese New Year.

Malaysian media reported that Ella, 38 reached Malaysia on the eve of Chinese New Year and headed to Melaka to have the reunion dinner.

The celebrity shared photos on Facebook of the festivities and photos of her holding up red packets got netizens excited. She held two stacks of RM50 notes and a stack of RM10 in a photo.

Ella Chen celebrates Chinese New Year with her son in Melaka. Picture: Facebook

Netizens asked her for coffee while some wanted to get a red packet from Ella.

Lai and Ella’s son also visited tourist spots in Melaka and the family went to temple on the first day. Her father-in-law goes to the temple every year. Ella’s son loves the lion dance performance.

Ella took photos like a tourist, even though she is a Malaysian daughter-in-law. She took photos of the A Famosa gate and Melaka’s trishaws.

Facebook posts of local food she had during her stay also caught the attention of netizens.

In the photos, Ella is seen making faces while holding a piece of durian.

She said she was about to eat some Musang King and it was so good that it made her eyes roll back.

Ella also enjoyed eating half-boiled eggs, prawn noodles and curry noodles.

Besides singing and acting, Ella is also a TV host. She has starred in a number of TV series, films, variety shows and music videos. Ella also plays the guitar and the piano.