InternationalMohamed Elneny's Injury Could Impact Arsenal's Team Dynamics

Mohamed Elneny’s Injury Could Impact Arsenal’s Team Dynamics

Mikel Arteta, the manager of the current best team in the Premier League, has acknowledged that with the mounting concerns over Mohamed Elneny’s knee injury, Arsenal may be in search of additional midfield insurance before the transfer window closes. The Egyptian player will be taking a significant amount of time off after suffering an injury in practice prior to Arsenal’s victory over Tottenham earlier this month.

This presents a problem for the team, as they will be without a key player in their midfield. Leandro Trossard from Brighton and Jakub Kiwior from Spezia have already been brought in to bolster the team’s defence and offence respectively, but Arteta remains concerned about a lack of support for Granit Xhaka and Thomas Partey.

Arteta is aware of the need to find a solution for the midfield gap left by Elneny’s injury, as the team gears up for a challenging season ahead. He is confident in his ability to find a suitable replacement before the window closes and ensure that the team’s dynamics are not greatly affected by the loss of the Egyptian player.

The 30-year-old player has been with Arsenal since January 2016, which would mean that he has been with the team for five years. His transfer fee at the time was between £5 million and £7 million. A stark comparison to today’s transfer fees which can lead up to almost £100 million. 

During this time, he was briefly on loan to Beşiktaş. He developed a serious knee injury while training and was even called off for Arsenal’s match against Tottenham. He even missed the defeat that Arsenal gave Manchester United this week. 

Mikel Arteta’s remarks on the situation 

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He stated, “We need some more cover in midfield ideally if we can.” He then added, “In this market it’s pretty complicated to do that. The most important thing is that we get the performances and the time on the pitch that we need with the players we have available today that are already really good.

Arteta further added, “He had some issues with his knee that we are assessing at the moment and we will have to see how he evolves in the next couple of days.

“There are concerns, especially because Mo is a player who never complains about anything. But let’s see.”

Fan opinions on Elneny 


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A Twitter page that reports news relating to Arsenal has stated of Elneny’s injuries and added that Arteta’s unwillingness to part from him regardless of his injury. Fans claimed that Arteta needs to get another player either on loan or permanently in order to maintain the dynamics of the team. 


An Arsenal fan stated “A loan would be so good for him but we can’t let him go with the state of our midfield depth. I don’t understand why people are complaining.” Another replied stating that Arsenal fans are the type to react fast and severely when unsettling news is being spread around. 

Fans of the top team in the Premier League have been vocal about their opinions on the potential loss of midfielder Mohamed Elneny due to injury. Some argue that it would be “criminal” not to bring in a replacement, while others believe Elneny is “dead wood” and needs to be immediately replaced.

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Despite the opinions of fans, it’s important to consider the perspective of the team’s manager, Mikel Arteta. He has chosen not to let Elneny go, suggesting that the player is highly qualified for the position and his injury is simply an unfortunate setback. It’s important to trust in Arteta’s judgement and wait to see how the team adapts to this change before jumping to conclusions.

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