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Elsa Pataky talks about imperfect relationships

may seem that the couple enjoy a perfect life in Byron Bay but if you asked Pataky, she will tell you that her relationship with hunky actor is far from perfect




is common to see celebrities posting photos of their ‘perfect’ and ‘ideal’ life on social media. couple and wife often post photos of outings, posts of them feeling thankful for their home life and careers, on vacations and special events, and paying tribute to their loved ones.

It may seem that the couple enjoy a perfect life in Byron Bay but if you asked Pataky, she will tell you that her relationship with the hunky actor is far from perfect.

In a recent interview, the mother of three talked about her relationship with the Avengers star which is approaching the 10-year benchmark. The actress mentioned that she hears a lot about being the ‘perfect couple’ but it is not accurate according to her.

“It’s funny that people think of as a perfect couple. No way. It’s been ups and downs, and we still keep working at the relationship. I think a relationship is constant work. It’s not easy,” she shared.

It is not as perfect as it seems for Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky. Picture:Instagram

Sharing with Body and Soulshe was candid about her relationship with Chris Hemsworth, pointing out that the two are always striving to see ‘the positives’ even when things are tough. Could this also include the arguments the couple have about where he is allowed to keep his Thor hammers in the house?

Generally speaking, nobody really knows Chris Hemsworth or Elsa Pataky but they may have read about them in the media or followed them long enough on social media that makes them feel like they know the couple. Most people know deep down that happy-looking celebrity couples are not as perfect as they seem. It is hard to see that celebrities have imperfect lives too as we are constantly seeing happy people on social media.

For Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky in real life, they may argue or get tired of each other but they still have a lot in common. Pataky shared in the interview about how their relationship has lasted so long and finding common ground. For the couple, it is being active and outside.

“[Chris and I] love to do sports, eat healthy and move our bodies. We’ve got the kids into surfing. Any hobbies to get them outside, and not on social media and computers. My has been horse-riding with me since she was two-and-a-half,” said Pataky.

So according to Pataky, a long-lasting relationship involves doing things together as a family that everyone loves. Also, looking at the positives despite there being negative things.



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