Entertainment Celebrity Emma Watson and Tom Felton had 'sparks', according to Rupert Grint

Emma Watson and Tom Felton had ‘sparks’, according to Rupert Grint

In a photo where the two of them are in pyjamas as Felton teaches Watson how to play the guitar, Felton captioned the picture with "Quick learner x".

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Harry Potter fans who wanted to see Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) and Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) can now feel justified.

In the Harry Potter franchise, fans have been noticing a strong chemistry between the two characters for years.

The Gryffindor and Slytherin didn’t have a chance to date onscreen nor their offscreen alter egos.

This led fans into thinking whether the chemistry between Felton and Watson are just imagined.

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Co-star Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley revealed that he did see ‘sparks’ between the two while filming Harry Potter.

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Grint spoke about his Harry Potter mates on the casts and said he could see Watson and Felton together while speaking to Entertainment Tonight about his new Apple TV+show, Servant.

He said that there was always something and ‘a little bit of a spark’.

The actor explained that he didn’t want to start any rumours about this but he confirmed the sparks he noticed when they were filming Harry Potter back then.

Grint mentioned that back then they were kids and it was like a kind of playground romance.

As for Grint himself, he was ‘spark-free’ and he didn’t feel anything with anyone on the set of Harry Potter.

Grint’s announcement may not be a surprise for fans. Watson admitted in 2012 that she had a childhood crush on Felton while filming Harry Potter.

Felton’s comments about the relationship put an end to it.

Watson shared on The Jonathan Ross Show that between the age of 10 to 12 she had a terrible crush on Felton. According to her, he was a bad guy, was a few years older and owned a skateboard which was so cool to her.

Watson added that he knew about it and then he would say that he sees her in a younger sisterly way which broke her heart.

Years after the Harry Potter franchise ended, Watson and Felton are still close friends today. The duo was spotted together many times and was often featured in each other’s Instagram accounts.

Felton posted a photo with Watson in South Africa on August 19, 2019.

In a photo where the two of them are dressed in pyjamas as Felton teaches Watson how to play the guitar, Felton captioned the picture with “Quick learner x”.

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Quick learner x

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That photo garnered attention whether the Harry Potter album was dating.

But nothing seems to be going on between them and it is reported that the two are just good friends.

Watson and Felton have a supportive relationship with one another although they may not be dating.

Watson revealed that she was ‘self-partnered’ in an interview with British Vogue for December 2019.

She said she is single and proud of it and never believed in the whole I’m happy single spiel.

In an interview with Daily Mail Felton supports Watson’s newly coined term and also relates to it.

The star said he likes it even though it is his first time he heard of it.

He himself is self-partnered, and he also said at this moment it’s not necessary to be with someone just for the sake of it.

Felton and Watson live in Los Angeles so they see each other often now.

He said that it’s always good to bump into Watson, whether at the beach or over dinner.

Felton added that Watson is a smart and lovely lady and it’s good to bump into each other and reminisce about the old-time and look forward to the future.

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