Asia Singapore Enjoy dodgem games at the RaceHub go-karting track

Enjoy dodgem games at the RaceHub go-karting track

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Take some time out and experience go-karting at SCAPE Playspace. The area overseeing Grange Road is now RaceHub, an electric go-karting track.

RaceHub features a 200 metre long track at the basket ball court and members of the public can enjoy go karting underneath floodlights at SCAPE, the first of its kind in the Orchard Road shopping district.

The electric go-karts can reach speeds of up to 24 kilometers per hour, weigh about 27.8kg each and are about 1.4 meters long upon extension depending on body size.

RaceHub was opened by the Minister of State for Culture, Community and Youth Alvin Tan on 30 April and is being organised by the Legion of Racers (LOR) in partnership with *SCAPE, a non-profit organisation which supports and empowers youth to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

An electric go-kart is a type of go-kart powered by electric motors and batteries, as opposed to a traditional petrol engine. Electric go-karts are used mostly for fun and leisure activities and its advantage is that it is low maintenance requiring only to be charged periodically.

Additionally go-karts are also environmentally friendly as they do not emit smoke so racetracks can be in controlled environments.

Electric go-karts do not use fuel tanks or flammable materials.

Apart from the electric go-karts, RaceHub will also feature a six-station fitness pop-up, presented by Singapore-born fitness brand Fight Zone.

SCAPE Playspace is situated along the bustling Orchard/Grange Road belt and is a popular venue for carnivals and outdoor concerts as well as sports tournaments and car exhibitions.


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