Enraged Spanish football fans taunt Valencia owner Peter Lim to “Quit” and “go home”

Even Valencia players have taken to social media to voice their displeasure.

The unpopular sacking of head coach Marcelino Garcia Toral on September 11 ignited a crisis at the Spanish football club with Valencia football club fans demanding that Singaporean billionaire Peter Lim give up his ownership of Valencia.

To express their utter displeasure on the removal of Marcelino, passionate Spanish football fans have taken to social media and drummed up their call through the Twitter hashtag #LimGoHome which became viral.

Valencia players have taken to social media to voice their displeasure as well.

“Whoever made this decision, not only took (Marcelino) out, but also dragged the entire team and its fans with him,” Valencia defender Ezequiel Garay said on Instagram.

“I say it loud and clear: It’s not fair”, the player added.

Peter Lim’s ownership of Valencia

The Singaporean billionaire’s ownership of Valencia was a tactical move in order to bring the club back to top flight elite football and be able to compete with the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid.

The club was undergoing years of financial hardship, partly caused by the Spanish property crash. Lim provided financing worth millions through his connections with Portuguese super agent Jorge Mendes. But the club under-performed domestically.

Fans demonstrated in the streets at the start of 2017 following Valencia’s 4-1 home defeat to Celta Vigo in the Copa del Rey.

They then sang a different tune when Valencia went undefeated for 10 matches at the tail-end of 2017.

Valencia, who are six-time La Liga champions, is 13th in the league now, with one win in four games.