Erra Fazira hospitalised for dengue

Erra, 46 is currently warded at a hospital in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia




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Renowned Malaysian actress and singer was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday after being diagnosed with fever. Erra, 46 is currently warded at a hospital in Petaling Jaya. Her personal assistant, Shahrendra Abd. Razak shared with Kosmo! that the Wangi actress suffered from high fever a few days ago. He said that Erra was just having a normal fever at first but then she began to have body and muscle aches.

Erra Fazira is a well-known personality in Malaysia. Picture:

A doctor confirmed that Erra was suffering from dengue fever after examining her. Erra then had to postpone some work engagements including hosting Mingguan Wanita which was scheduled to air at 12 noon on Wednesday. The celebrity was also scheduled to appear on home shopping channel Go Shop. She was also supposed to continue filming for the crime drama series Gerak Khas.

“For now, all activities involving Erra have to be postponed,” Shahrendra said.

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“Please pray for Erra’s health so that she will recover immediately.

“On behalf of Erra, I apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

Based on the news report, Erra has never experienced health complications prior to contracting dengue and has only been admitted to the hospital once. This marks the former Miss Malaysia’s second time being hospitalised, the first was back in 2009 when she gave birth to her daughter Engku Aleesya Engku Emran from her second marriage to Engku Emran Engku Zainal Abidin.

Born as Fazira binti Wan Chek on February 9 1974, Erra Fazira is a Malaysian actress, singer, fashion , TV host, film producer and former beauty queen. She became popular in the nineties following her appearance in Sembilu, Maria Mariana and Pasrah.

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She received critical acclaim and the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the Malaysia Film Festival twice for her portrayal of inspiring young sales girl and part-time student Nurul Ain in Soal Hati and as Nora, an old lady with a dark past in the film Hingga Hujung Nyawa.  She received another three nominations for best actress in  Malaysia’s Film Festival for her performance in Soalnya Siapa?, Persona Non Grata, and Anak. 

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