Escaped lion believed to be illegal pet spotted wandering residential streets

A lion that was spotted wandering around a residential area in Kuwait before it was safely captured.

The big cat is believed to be an escaped pet, even though it is illegal to keep lions as pets in the country due to safety reasons.

A video showing the escaped lion shows that it is in distress as it sprints around an area that appears to be a residential carpark, as it tries to evade capture:

The authorities received reports of a lion wandering city streets in the Kabad District on Wednesday. Public Security personnel and Environmental Police arrived at the scene and subdued the lion with an injection before taking it to a local zoo for veterinary examinations.

It remains unclear what will happen to the lion once the medical probes are completed.

Investigations to uncover the identity of the lion’s owner are ongoing. The owner will likely face fines and/or criminal charges if he is convicted for illegally keeping the lion as a pet.