Facebook fights back amid Cambridge Analytica data breach fiasco

Facebook fights back amid Cambridge Analytica data breach fiasco

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Facebook is fighting back to restore confidence in its platforms, taking more stringent steps to filter data sharing to third-party app developers.

One of the measures is the Facebook platform.

Mark Zuckerberg said some of the important steps for the future of the Facebook platform involve taking action on potential past abuse and putting stronger protections in place to prevent future abuse.

“We will investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform in 2014 to reduce data access, and we will conduct a full audit of any app with suspicious activity,” said Zuckerberg.

The message posted on Facebook’s newsroom said If they find developers that misused personally identifiable information, they will be banned.

Though this will not clear the mishap created by Cambridge Analytica, it is a step that could prevent future breaches.

Facebook also intends to tell people about data misuse.

It says it will build a way for people to know if their data might have been accessed via “thisisyourdigitallife.”

Other steps include turning off access to unused apps and add restrictions to Facebook login data.

The next version login will reduce the data that an app can request without app review to include only name, profile photo and email address. Requesting any other data will require our approval.

And one of the best ways to keep a tag on the apps used by people is to encourage them to manage the app.

Users are already allowed to control what data they would permit those apps to use.

Additionally, Facebook will make these choices more prominent and easier to manage.

The social media platform also intends to reduce vulnerabilities by rewarding people who finds them.

“We will expand Facebook’s bug bounty program so that people can also report to us if they find misuses of data by app developers.

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