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Viral Facebook post claiming Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is giving away $1 million each to 100 lucky winners is fake




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A Page which claims that popular US movie star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ is giving away $100 million each to 100 lucky winners is fake. The Page ‘promises’ users share the that all they have to do win the $1 million prize is to “like, share and comment” on the .

The Facebook Page purportedly created to promote Johnson’s latest move Skyscraper, is misleadingly titled, ‘skaycrapermovies2’. Since its posting yesterday at 1.51 pm, the video has been shared 157,000 times, and garnered 58,000 ‘likes’ as well as 28,000 comments.

Pretending to be Johnson, the Page also promises to randomly select persons download his latest movie at a prescribed link a chance to win $ 500.000. The link leads users click on to a decidedly dodgy video hosting website that asks for your personal and financial information.  The site claims that the movie downloads are free but insists that you provide your credit card details as a means of validating your account.

I will be selecting 100 lucky person. $1000,000 each just follow the instructions. …Step 1 – likeStep 2 – share Step 3 – comment WIN

Posted by Dwayne Johnson on Thursday, 2 August 2018

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The website Hoax-Slayer says of such scams: “Any company that allows itself to be promoted via outright scams such as bogus celebrity giveaways certainly should not be trusted with your credit card numbers or any other personal information.”

Hoax-Slayer adds: “the posts have no connection to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson whatsoever and those who are tricked into participating have no chance of winning any cash or prizes. The promised cash and prizes do not exist.”

The real Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson Facebook Page, is verified by Facebook’s blue Verified Page icon beside the name, and makes no mention of such giveaways.

Hoax-Slayer cautions unsuspecting Facebook users who are lured by the ridiculously high prize that “this fake Dwayne Johnson giveaway is just one among a recent spate of similar Facebook scams that have used the names of several high-profile , including Tyler PerryJanet Jackson, and Will Smith.”

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If one of these scam Facebook posts comes your way, do not like, share, comment or click on it.

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