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Fans condemn Kylie Jenner for showing off her wealth to stay relevant

“How are people not turned off from Kylie when she’s flaunting her wealth with large frivolous purchases while the world is in crisis?,” said one Redditor




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has been splurging lavishly and posting up on recently and her fans are fed up with . She recently shared about the luxe Prada bags she bought for daughter and a new Rolls Royce decked out with a pink interior. Some fans of Jenner think that posting this content on media is insensitive because of everything that is happening in the . There is no doubt that Jenner has plenty of dough so the fact that she buys expensive handbags for her daughter and a custom car is not surprising.

The reality star recently flaunted a Louis Vuitton mini handbag which she bought for Stormi and four Prada bags in different colours she bought for her daughter, writing on her Story that she, “Had to get her all the Pradas to match mommy.” These splurges are just a drop in the bucket for Jenner but fans think she is flaunting her wealth to stay relevant. On Reddit a fan called her display “disgusting” especially since people are currently going through a tough time during the .

Baby Stormi is seen with a mini Louis Vuitton bag. Picture:Instagram

Reddit discussion talked about Jenner’s content featuring her lavish purchases and most people did not agree with the way she has been splurging and sharing it on . “How are people not turned off from Kylie when she’s flaunting her wealth with large frivolous purchases while the world is in crisis?,” one Redditor asked.

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“Showing off her new 60m dollar custom jet, new 30 million dollar house, custom Rolls Royce, recent luxury vacation with a bunch of people, elaborate parties during corona, and Prada bags even for her toddler? It’s literally Marie Antoinette ‘let them eat cake.’” They continued, “She is either completely out of touch, with no idea how bad this looks or she knows exactly what she’s doing and doing it intentionally for some reason? To prove her wealth?”

Another Redditor said that nobody should tell the reality star how to spend her money but thought perhaps keeping it private would allow her not to “be so tacky and tasteless to show off when people are suffering and going broke around you.”

Other Redditors agreed, with one noting in part, “…And why does a 2-year-old need multiple Prada bags? It’s sad that in order for her to have the world’s attention, she resorts to being sexual and materialistic.”

“Kylie is going to need a serious evolution to stay relevant, she won’t be the cool girl forever,” another Reddit user explained. “Her staged sexual photos, blingy lifestyle, putting ‘Kylie’ on everything, all of it, will be out of trend in 2 years (especially with Gen Z’s).”

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Despite all the backlash, some fans were defending Jenner. A Redditor said, “It’s gross that she flaunts it nearly every day, but I can’t blame her for wanting to buy, buy, buy. We live in a very materialistic society anyway where everyone wants to flex.”

They added, “Kylie doesn’t know any better and she’s buying everything she can possibly get her hands on because those things fill her with happiness only for a short amount time… then she moves on to the next car, the next house, the next bag. She’s going to get to a point where her money can’t possibly buy her anything else, and what she’s truly going to desire is something her money can’t buy.”

“Yes it’s tacky and yes it’s absolutely tone-deaf, but guess what — she’s always been tacky and tone-deaf and her fans have never cared,” another Reddit user explained. “Her wealth-flaunting posts are getting just as much love as they always have. Why would she change her behaviour when there is no tangible consequence?”


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