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Fans still hoping for Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick to get back together

Couple celebrated his 37th birthday with their children but have not said anything about reconciliation




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and have been going through an on-again-off-again relationship. However, they kept in touch when they split up the last time in 2015 for the sake of their three children.

Disick, has been with for almost three years, split up with her recently.  This left fans wondering if Kourtney would reconcile with her daddy. Although fans get why the duo are not dating any more, they secretly hope for a reunification.

In 2006, Kourtney and Disick met at a Mexican beach party hosted by Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis. Francis and Kourtney went out for a short while. Kourtney then fell in love with Disick and their relationship was a highlight on the reality television series in 2007.

was not all rosy as they split up a year later when Disick cheated on Kourtney. The couple reunited eventually and Kourtney became pregnant. Disick had issues with addiction and was going in and out of rehab but the couple managed to have two more children together.

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Scott Disick has broken up with . Picture:

Despite going through all that, the couple split up for good in 2015. While fans understood  why they broke up, that did not stop them from hoping that the duo will rekindle their romance.

In a Reddit thread named “Do you think Kourtney & Scott are going to get back together?”, a fan said that Kourtney had already found the love of her life in Disick but that things just got too messy. He added that they might be delusional but he hoped that they would  realise their love and reunite someday.

Another person observed that the couple had matured a lot and said that he would like to see them together as a family.

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There were also fans did not support the couple’s reconciliation. One person did not want them to get together said Disick had to be single for a while and work on himself. So did Kourtney.

The pair are, nevertheless, still close. They celebrated Disick’s 37th birthday with their children. This was shortly after he had broken up with Sofia Richie. They have, however, not said anything about reconciliation despite spending time together. /TSIG

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