Fans stunned by youthful look of Cherie Chung

Fans stunned by youthful look of Cherie Chung

Fans praised Cherie Chung's looks, saying they are stunned by her youthful looks

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Retired Hong Kong actress Cherie Chung is turning 60 in February but she has kept a youthful look that has stunned fans and netizens.

Fellow Hong Kong singer/actress Sammi Cheng posted her photos with Cherie on Instagram on Monday (January 13, 2020).

In the photo caption, Cheng says they are feeling at ease, happy at every gathering and cherishing it.

Sammi complimented Cherie in an Instagram post, saying that she had natural beauty. Fans also praised Cherie Chung’s looks, saying they are stunned by her youthful looks.

Born on February 16, 1960, Cheri Chung is of Hakka ancestry. During the 1980s she was one of the top Hong Kong actresses.

She starred in several iconic Hong Kong movies such as Once A Thief, An Autumn’s Tale and Peking Opera Blues. After tying the knot with businessman Michael Chu in 1991, she retired from acting. Her last movie was Once A Thief by John Woo, which is also a classic.

Singer/actress Sammi Cheng seen with Cherie Chung in this photo. Picture: Instagram

In 1991, Cherie married advertising guru Michael Chu. He is known for his achievements in the Hong Kong advertising industry. The couple agreed not to have children before the wedding.

Chu died of stomach cancer at 53 on August 24, 2007. He was given a Catholic funeral.

Cherie Chung is also very involved in the environment protection movement.

She also joined the 1979 Miss Hong Kong competition and came 3rd runner-up. She was dubbed the ‘Marilyn Monroe’ of Hong Kong because of her beauty.

Film director Johnnie To discovered Cherie and she made her debut in his first film The Enigmatic Case.

She also went on to star in one of her most popular performance in Mabel Cheung’s An Autumn’s Tale.

Chung played an educated middle-class woman who falls in love with a rude and uneducated man played by Chow Yun-fat.

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