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Father horrified to find headless corpse and severed head of five-year-old son, violently murdered by his wife




A mother-of-two in Houston, Texas was charged with after she reportedly drowned and decapitated her own biological son, aged five. The boy’s father was the one found his son’s headless body and severed head in a bin at their home.

The woman, Lihui Liu, and her husband also have an elder , aged 13.

According to the local press, the father returned home last Friday and noticed that the young boy was nowhere to be found. When he asked his wife where their son was, she allegedly told him that she “sent the boy away” before confessing that the young child was in the bin.

The boy’s father opened the bin and was horrified to find his son’s headless body wrapped in and the boy’s severed head in the bin. The received a call around 7pm and promptly arrested Liu at the home.

officers, who found the headless little boy partially covered by a plastic bag in the home’s garage floor, also found a bloody knife and a blood-spattered in the home’s bathroom.

Liu, who will appear in today, admitted to drowning her son under questioning but remained silent when asked about the decapitation. Child Protective Services revealed to the police that the is known to them.



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