Martin Luther King

Times have changed drastically when government arms are showing support to the political figures they seemingly were against when they were alive. Martin Luther King, the civil rights hero who fought for the equality of Black Americans allegedly received attempts from the FBI to discredit him. 

The FBI posted on X commemorating the civil rights hero and X users were not having it. Conservatives and liberals joined forces in support for Martin Luther King and the threats he suffered through when he was alive. Furthermore, X users posted Wikipedia entries of how the FBI harassed King. 


An X user states that this is the “greatest” community notes ever on X. Other conservatives state that this feature is doing “God’s work” in order to put some of these organisations and individuals in their respective places. 

Huffpost states, the FBI faced criticism for its attempt to honor the civil rights leader while neglecting its historical attempts to undermine him. The X post claimed to honor King’s legacy, but users rightfully highlighted the FBI’s surveillance, attempts to discredit, and manipulation tactics against King. 

A community note was added, acknowledging the agency’s past abuses of power. King’s family even believes the FBI was involved in his death.

X users calling out FBI for their awful tactics used towards MLK 


X users are waiting for the day that the woke left to start calling community notes and fact checking as a conspiracy theory and far right. Furthermore, it seems that the conservatives are the ones against the FBI in larger quantities than the liberals. This is in lieu to the fact that most governmental organisations are seen as “woke.” 


Others claimed that the organisation tried to “gaslight” MLK to end his own life. However, our civil rights hero fought till the end. Many aren’t buying the fact that the organisation is honouring MLK while at the same time, was one of the difficulties he had to endure during his fight for equality. 

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