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FBI’s ten most wanted fugitive Mims does the Keke challenge while being extradited




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A suspected murderer was on the FBI’s ten most wanted list did ’s KiKi challenge for the cameras as he was carted off by cops.

Brazen Antwan Mims pulled the corny dance move as he was escorted from a plane to an SUV by law enforcement officials at Southwest Michigan Regional on 14 August.

He made a heart gesture with his hands, and pretended to drive a car, just like other who attempt the move to the Canadian rapper’s latest single In My Feelings.

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Mims is a violent Michigan member charged with murdering two men in front of dozens of witnesses. He is a convicted felon and known member of the Gangster Disciples . He  is wanted in connection with the that occurred at a house party on March 25, 2018, in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Investigators believe that Mims emerged from the house shortly after midnight and saw two men he believed had wronged his gang on a drug deal. He produced a gun and fired from the front door, hitting both men, who fell to the ground. Then, “very calmly,” said Special Agent Jeff Brown, who is investigating the case from the FBI’s Detroit Division, “he walked up to the victims and put a bullet into their heads.”

After the killing, bystanders told that Mims “walked away as if nothing had happened,” Brown said. The killer’s apparent arrogance—gunning down the men in front of so many witnesses—came from the fact that he was an intimidating figure in the community and believed no one would talk to authorities for fear of violent reprisals.

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Brown noted that Benton Harbor, with a population of about 10,000, is the third most violent city per capita in Michigan. “’s a small city with a pretty significant rate,” he said. “There are a lot of drug and gang cases.”

Mims—with prior felony convictions ranging from drug possession to assault with a deadly weapon to being a habitual offender—was well known to local law enforcement and the community as a violent gang member. “Many people we talked to are scared of him,” Brown said.

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