Fifty Shades actor Jamie Dornan lands next power hungry role in new TV show

He is starring in the lead role of Dr. Christopher Duntsch in a television adaptation of Wondery's Dr. Death

Fifty Shades’ Jamie Dornan has just landed his next power-hungry role on a new TV show.

He will be doing something different from his time as Christian Grey.

The new show is part of a rising TV trend.

Dornan has become part of the upcoming television adaptation of a podcast.

He is starring in the lead role of Dr. Christopher Duntsch in a television adaptation of Wondery’s Dr. Death.

Dr. Death is a podcast that tells the true story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch (Jamie Dornan) was a rising star in the Dallas medical community creating a successful neurosurgery practice in the area.

However, there was a big issue.

He performed complicated, routine spinal surgeries and yet patients were leaving his care worse off than when they came in.

They were either rendered maimed or dead hence the title of the show.

Dr. Death does not have a broadcast home yet although the series is currently getting the shopping treatment at networks and streamers according to Variety.

Dornan said that he will not take another job like Fifty Shades of Grey again and he is staying true to his word.

He revealed that he is shy in real life although he is no stranger to television.

The actor starred on The Fall before becoming a sensation with his high-profile role in the erotic drama franchise.

In the thriller series (currently streaming on Netflix), Jamie Dornan played Paul Spector, a deranged psychopathic serial killer.

Dornan will play a doctor who took an oath to do no harm, only to wreak a lot of it. His performance on The Fall is one of his best so adding another television series to his belt is an exciting prospect for him

Dr. Death comes on the heels of the successful run of another Wondery podcast adaptation — Dirty John.

The first season of the anthology series bowed last year.

Dirty John starred Connie Britton and Eric Bana in the lead roles. The series will be moving from Bravo for its second season.

Maybe Dirty John and Dr. Death can end up on the same network? Just a thought. They would be great shows to have air back-to-back.

Starring opposite of Jamie Dornan will be Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater. Baldwin and Slater will both play surgeons that are determined to bring down Dornan’s “Dr. Death.” All around a great trio of talent to lead the series.

Dr. Death has yet to find a home or get a premiere date, so stay tuned. You can currently catch Jamie Dornan in the TV series The Fall on Netflix, among other premieres.-/TISG