The first time Fleur Jong saw people exercising with prosthetic legs, she thought, “Now we’re talking.” A bacterial blood illness at the age of seventeen caused the former competitive dancer’s life to drastically alter, resulting in the amputation of her right leg below the knee, a portion of her left foot, and the tips of eight fingers.

She later made the decision to amputate her left leg below the knee, unfazed. Her path took a different turn when she witnessed others living fulfilling lives with prosthetics; this created fresh opportunities in her motivational tale of resiliency.

Fleur Jong: Overcoming Adversity

She took an unexpected turn and broke multiple world records. Jong is now a bright star for the Paralympic Games in Paris in 2024 and a fervent supporter of inclusivity. Prepare yourself for an incredible tale of tenacity and victory that will enthrall viewers everywhere.

“If I’ve been out there on the big field and on the big screen and on TV at home, someone might have seen me and been like, ‘Wait, but don’t panic. You might be sick now, but it’s all going to be fine, because I saw a blonde girl doing the long jump and she did it together with all of her long jumping friends and they all had two legs. She hadn’t, and it was all fine. They were just competing and enjoying their time’.” an article from Olympics mention.

On the 11th anniversary of her infection, the Dutch athlete shared her unique journey with Hip hop dance played a crucial role in mastering long jumping on blades, adding rhythm to her athleticism.

In an engaging interview, she revealed her bold statement through competing in the Diamond League. The surprise? She’s taking a train to the Paris 2024 Olympics on August 8, adding a touch of individuality to her remarkable story.

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