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Fly distracts Pence in the only debate against Kamala Harris




, the vice-presidential pick for the Joe campaign in the U.S. Presidential elections in November won the . This is according to the media.

But perhaps was because , the VP, could not pull enough punches against a fly.

The fly became an immediate sensation on social media after , the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate, trolled Pence.

posted a photo of him holding a fly swat with the caption “Pitch in $5 to help this campaign fly.”

He was referring to a fly that landed on the Vice President’s head during the live telecast.

Pence was either unaware of the fly or just refused to swat it away. It settled on his white hair for two minutes and two seconds, newspapers report.

Sarah Jessica Parker took to Instagram to add to the sensational rise of the fly on Pence’s head.

People made fun of Mr Pence across social media because of the fly.
Some published their ranking of the debate: 1. Kamala Harris 2. The fly 3. Mike Pence
The famous fly now has its own Twitter account. @MikePenceFly___ now has more than 49,000 followers.
Undoubtedly, the vice presidential debate fly is now a social media phenomenon. 

During the debate, however, both candidates ignored the questions that mattered to the viewers but they did pull some punches.

Ms Kamala repeatedly attacked Vice President Mike Pence over the administration’s record.

She also attacked the VP on his attempts to interrupt her during the debate, doing a better job than her future boss (if they win) Biden.

The media could not forget how Kamala forced her way to speak.

“Mr vice president, I’m speaking. I’m speaking,” the California senator said. This forced Mr Pence to tone down and let her speak.



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