Flying car

A carpenter from Uttar Pradesh’s Azamgarh brought his dreams to life and made a helicopter than can also run on the road turning a nano car into a flying car.

Salman, the carpenter, slogged for four months and spent over Rs.3 lakh to transform a Tata Nano car into a chopper, and now it has become a “high-demand” mode of transportation in the area where the flying car is popular.

Flying car made in India

“We have made a helicopter that runs on the road. It took me around four months and cost about Rs.3 lakh. There is high demand for it now,” Salman was quoted as saying by news agency ANI.

He said the reason to remodel the car and transform it into a flying machine is to popularise his village’s name. Those who can’t fly in helicopters, get to feel the experience through this,” he said.

“I made it only to make my village and district popular. All we want from the government and big companies is to help us and let our dreams fly,”

He said villagers gather in large numbers to take their turn in gliding through the indigenous helicopter. “People gather in huge number to look at this helicopter running on roads.

Another Flying car

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The attempt of a Chinese farmer to fly his homemade helicopter, which he built following online instructions, was stopped short when authorities discovered him with the flying machine on the side of a road.

Chen Ruihua, a peasant with no aeronautical or engineering training, wanted to ‘test-fly’ the engine, but the police officers were concerned.

When quizzed by police in Jiangsu province, eastern China, after they found him trying to test-fly one in a local field, he claims to have built three homemade helicopters.

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