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Footage of delivery man’s groovy dance moves goes viral. Video may win your heart too

If seeing that clip left you with a massive grin on your face, know that you are not alone




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, Dec. 26 — The festive season is all about spreading joy and cheer to those around you. Seldom, one can bring a smile to somebody’s face without even knowing that they are doing so. This notion is probably illustrated best by Ibrahim Combs, a delivery man is winning many netizens’ hearts. A video of Combs breaking out into some great dance moves has gone on the . The story behind is almost as impressive as the itself.

user @iamclaudiusjr shared this clip on the micro-blogging platform on December 24. “Can someone help me find this man delivered my mom’s package in Providence…he deserves a bonus,” reads the caption shared alongside the 35-second-long recording.

Watching the video may make you agree with the sentiment that Combs deserves a bonus. Check out here:

If seeing that clip left you with a massive grin on your face, know that you are not alone. Since being shared on the micro-blogging platform, this post has received a lot of love from netizens. The video has over two million views, while the tweet in itself has accumulated almost 1,000 comments.

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Here’s what tweeple had to say about the share. One person wrote, “Lol. He’s a whole vibe, I wanna know what he was vibing to”.

“That’s my guy too! We love him! He always has his bumping in the truck and he has the best attitude!” read one comment under the post.

@iamclaudiusjr shared the recording in hopes of finding the delivery man, and as luck would have it, he was able to track down Combs. He tweeted this.

In a subsequent tweet, when asked how he found Combs, he wrote, “When we live in the same city and the smallest state? Almost everyone I know knew who he was… that’s Rhode Island for you lol”.

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Combs also shared the recording on his Twitter account.

He also declared that the song is P.Diddy’s track Come To Me.

What are your thoughts on this share?

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