EntertainmentFrance’s Louvre to limit number of visitors

France’s Louvre to limit number of visitors

For those people who have visited the Musee de Louvre museum in Paris, France it is very likely that they remember the commotion that often surrounds the Mona Lisa. Huge crowds often surround Leonardo da Vinci’s oil painting as people try to snap photographs.

Tragically while this is happening other masterpieces in the vicinity go unnoticed. Taking all this into account the museum will soon limit the number of daily visitors to 30,000. That’s from the current 45,000 daily visitors pre-pandemic.

Some 7.8 million people walked through the Louvre in 2022 to take it in masterpieces that the museum features.

“I would like a visit to the Louvre to be a moment of pleasure, especially for people who are discovering the museum for the first time, which means 60 percent of our visitors,” said Laurence des Cars, the museum director in an interview with The New York Times.

To achieve this the museum has been limiting the number of entries since June 2022 in the hope of easing the crowds. It is also hoped that limiting the number of people will prevent the bottle neck at the Pyramid entrance.

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The Louvre is the biggest and most visited museum in the world. It was once a fortress and then a palace before it became a museum in 1684. It houses 38,000 precious objects. Aside from the Mona Lisa, famed pieces and antiquities include the Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory of Samothrace as well as Michelangelo’s Dying Slaves and The Wedding Feast at Cana by Paolo Veronese.

The museum’s location isn’t too far from the iconic Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris. It is divided into eight sections reflecting different periods. These include Classical Antiquities, Medieval and Renaissance, Modern and Contemporary Art, Decorative Arts, Prints and Drawings, Islamic Art and Egyptian Antiquities.

The museum provides guided tours, workshops and multimedia experiences with interactive exhibits.

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