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French doctor refuses to treat trans women citing that cavities are not real female organs 

The woke culture has embedded a culture where people feel entitled to do whatever they please. Recently, the woke mob went against a French doctor for citing that he would not treat trans women as he is not well versed in their anatomy. However, conservatives agree with this rhetoric as they too understand the predicament. 

According to Euro News, “I only treat cisgender women,” declared French gynaecologist Victor Acharian after refusing to attend to a 26-year-old transgender woman in his clinic. The transgender patient, accompanied by her boyfriend, arrived for a gynaecological appointment, only to be turned away by the doctor. 

Furthermore, Acharian explained that gynaecology wasn’t his specialty and offered to guide her to more suitable services. The patient reacted with anger and accusations of transphobia. Acharian later defended his refusal online, igniting a debate about healthcare access for transgender individuals. 

Conservatives agree with the French doctor 

Conservatives are showing their dismay towards the society we live in. Following that, an X user states that this should be normal as doctors do not receive the training to treat a trans person’s private parts. However, the woke mob has made the landscape for the regular or average person. 

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Others state that even actual gynaecologists are not able to do anything when it comes to this situation. Following that, users state that for trans women, a specialist is required in order to treat any problems with their private organs. Conservatives are calling the private parts of a trans person an open wound. 


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Users are stating that the doctor is based. The term based is commonly used for people who are more towards the centre rather than conservative. Following that, users are openly stating that doctors should not face worry when it comes to the woke mob. Jobs are at stake, and if the doctor refuses he could lose it. Furthermore, if he accepts and makes a mistake while treating the patient, he may lose his job as well. 

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