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Why Gen Z women are having a change of heart with their clothing?

It looks like Gen Z women have given up on wearing a bra and the move is all over the internet at the moment with the hashtag “No Bra” having close to 600 million tags on TikTok.

The #nobrachallenge has gone viral with more than 9 million views and the trend involves women sharing cute tops and outfits sans bra helping to normalize different size breast shapes.

One content creator, Vaninileon went viral saying she would attempt to do this for one week. “I have big to medium-sized boobs, and I want to try and go braless for at least one week.”

It completely ruins fashion moments. “Honestly with every cute top, they are visible,” she said.

The video got millions of views and people were highly interested in following her fashion journey.

Gen Z Women Be Free

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“I will be following your journey with great interest,” said one individual.

“Trust me when I say no one is going to judge you in any negative way whatsoever,” said someone else.

“Let them be free,” said another.

Celebrities like Dua Lip and Kendall Jenner are also rocking the no-bra trend.

Not everyone among the Gen Z women are happy with the trend however with some complaining that it’s impossible to rock a crop top without a bra and another saying her boobs look like a tent.

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“Emotionally and psychologically, not wearing a bra can be a statement about how you want to present yourself to the world, and also how you want to cover up very normal body’s parts,” says psychologist Carly Dober.

Dober says that it’s a way of for young women to make a statement about having agency and feeling liberated.

“I think anything that allows people to present themselves to the world the way they would like to is ultimately beneficial. It can be empowering and freeing to go braless – so if Gen Z is exploring what bras mean to them, I say keep exploring,”

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