On Saturday, Letesenbet Gidey, an Ethiopian long-distance runner, was announced as the International Fair Play Award winner.

Gidey placed second in the 10,000-meter event at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest; however, what caught the attention of the public was her remarkable display of affection towards her competitor after finishing the race.

In the race, her compatriot, Gudaf Tsegay, and a Dutch long-distance runner, Sifan Hassan, had been leading the pack, while Gidey trailed closely behind the two. 

But just as they approached the finish line in the final lap, Hassan’s legs seemed to have lost strength, and she fell down hard, ultimately losing the chance to clinch first place. 

Upon crossing the finishing line, Gidey went back to help Hassan and comforted her. 

The incident quickly caught the public’s attention, with many people praising Gidey’s sportsmanship. 

Gidey receives award through virtual meeting

During a virtual meeting, Gidey received the ‘Special Fair Play Trophy’ from Sunil Sabharwal, the Secretary General of CIFP and a member of the World Athletics Executive Board. Sabharwal then congratulated Gidey for her wonderful achievements this year, which went above and beyond aiding fellow competitors on the track.

Gidey, in turn, recounted the moment she saw Hassan fall in the 10,000-meter race, stating that she felt heartbroken when she saw it happen, as she had experienced falling in a competition herself. She also expressed her gratitude for being chosen as the winner this year. 

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