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Gilian Chung makes a comeback after divorce

The star was seen at an outdoor business event in a white dress and denim jacket last Friday in a clip posted on




Hong Kong celebrity has made a comeback after taking a break from working since her went public in May, according to Sin Chew Daily. The singer-actress started becoming more active on again and was selling goods via live stream since the middle of July. The star was seen at an outdoor business event in a white dress and denim jacket last Friday in a clip posted on media.

Netizens pointed out that Chung had an awkward smile and they think that she may be feeling upset. Chung and cosmetologist Dr Michael Lai signed their divorce papers in March. The cosmetologist told the media over a call that he did not love her anymore. said that Chung told him that she had regretted marrying him not long after their in 2018. The Twins singer repeatedly asked him for a divorce.

He consented to Chung after she brought up the issue again when he flew to in February to meet her while she was filming a TV show. The couple knew each other for only four months before they tied the knot. Born Chung Tik-shan on January 1981, Gillian Chung Yan-tung is a British Chinese Hong Kong film actress and singer. Together with , she is half the member of Cantopop duo Twins.

Gillian Chung is part of the Cantopop duo Twins. Picture:Instagram

When Chung was one year old, her father passed away. When she was two, her family thought that the character Tik from her birth name to be too strong so they renamed her Chung Ka-lai. At first Chung grew up in a single parent family until her mother remarried to a man also surnamed Chung, when Chung was in high school. She was given the English name “Gillian” while in high school.

Chung graduated from Kowloon True Light Middle School and briefly attended the William Angliss Institute of TAFE in Melbourne, Australia. In 2000, Chung was contacted by one of the modelling agencies she worked part-time with when she was in Hong Kong. She was offered a job opportunity by Emperor Entertainment Group (EEG), which she accepted in that year. She became a contracted artist and underwent training before making her debut.

She was advised by her manager Mani Fok to adopt the “Chung Yan-tung” as her stage name, after consulting fortune-tellers. The name was supposed to enhance her business skills. On May 18 2001, the management company assigned her to form a singing duo, Twins, with . Chung and Choi released their first album three months later.



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