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Girlfriend of Mimi Kung’s husband would not have gotten together if she knew he was an actor

She said that if she knew that, she would have stayed away from the married actor.




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Cora Liu Zhuo-mei, the girlfriend of Chinese actor said she was unaware that he was an actor before she started dating him.

She said that if she knew that, she would have stayed away from the married actor.

According to ChinaPress, the businesswoman said, “If I knew he was an actor from the start, I would have stayed away. I feel cheated by him.”

Liu said she was confident of her own achievements when being compared to Lin’s ex-wife Hong Kong actress .

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Based on previous reports, the celebrity couple have been married for 20 years had been staying apart for some time and was in the midst of divorce.

The issue between Lin and Kung, played the role of Guan Yin in TVB series Journey to the West with Dicky Cheung, was exposed after Lin, whom Kung had been married to for 20 years, was caught kissing Liu passionately on the streets of Taiwan.

Lin and Kung have two children.

Sin Chew Daily reported, “Their reason for divorce was both of them are staying apart. Leading different lives led to both of them to feel the need to have individual spaces.”

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“Their children also understand the matter and respect their decision. Kung wishes Lin a happy life ahead.”

He revealed to Taiwanese that he and Kung had been sleeping separately for many years and due to the children, he slowed down on his acting career.

Kung wanted Lin to return to acting since their children have grown up.

“I am a simple man since last time. I do not hold lofty ambitions. Hong Kong does not suit me. I feel the family does not need me anymore,” he was quoted as saying.

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The 50-year-old said that his new love, Cora was an excellent woman who can give him a sense of security.

Ashley, the couple’s 19-year-old daughter said her parents were still despite the divorce.

“I am not affected. I just follow the flow,” she told Hong Kong media.

Asked if her father had introduced Cora to her, Ashley said she would leave to her father to reveal but as his daughter, she wished him well.

The Hong Kong University undergraduate was also open to the idea for her mother to fall in love again.

“I am very open-minded. At this age and time, I want everyone to be happy. My parents love me a lot and I am very blessed.”

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