Business & Economy Google Tools to help your business

Google Tools to help your business

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Everyone is only too familiar with Google as a go to for various needs. Did you know that there are number of tools that entrepreneurs can actually use and many are these are for free to boot.

Google Analytics 

Your company’s website helps you build an online presence that converts to more hits and leads for clients and customers. Google Analytics allows you to

  • Figure out how much time people spend on your page
  • Find out the demographic of your visitors
  • Understand web traffic insights

With these you can figure how to improve your content and generate more business and leads.

Google Trends

This is a Google website that allows you to find out the quality of any keyword based on how many times it has been searched in a particular region.

It can also be used to compare multiple keywords in specific locations to find out which of them has better search volume. The results are in graph form.

This can be done by accessing and entering the relevant keyword. For more keywords click on the plus sign on the right which will show more trends for searched terms based on different coloured graph lines.

Google Drive 

Google Drive is a cloud based storage system which synchronizes easily on multiple devices such as phones, tables, PCs, laptop’s, iPhones and Macs.

This service can be obtained by signing up for a Gmail account and getting 15GB of free space. Other free tools like Google Docs, Sheets, Forms, Meet and more also work seamlessly in integration with Google drive.

In addition, more cloud space can be purchased with a monthly plan or buy a plan on Google Workspace and sign up for a work email. This comes with 30GB of cloud space and all other integrated tools that come with the free version.

Google Forms 

This software is an integrated tool of Google Drive. You can use it to create different types of forms for instance; job application forms to hire new candidates for various roles, update request forms for clients projects, create interactive workflows and surveys.

Google Meet

This popular tool is only too familiar with most especially for those working from home. It’s a video communication system that allows you to have a 100 participants at once. Google Meet can conduct a video call for up to 60 minutes.

Google My Business

This one is a directory where you can list your business, basically a form of google yellow pages. Businesses can share their store’s location, contact details, pictures and live customer reviews.

Google Alerts 

This notification service helps you to find know if your name or your company’s name is mentioned in the search and if so in which region, at what time and on which website.

Alerts can be configured to daily, weekly or monthly depending on your needs. It’s a useful tool to analyze your competitors, stay on top of industry trends or find out what an influencer or an expert in your industry is up to.

Google Keyword Planner 

If you’re want to maintain an online presence then search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. Google Keyword Planner can help you with your keyword research process. You can find how difficult it can be to rank for a keyword, how many times it’s been searched for and what is the cost per click for that keyword. This tool is free.

Google Marketing Platform

This is an online advertising platform that runs ad campaigns. It comes with multiple tools for small and medium sized businesses such as Data Studio, Optimise, Surveys and Tag Manager.

Google for Startups 

Here Google provides a platform for startups to meet the right people, support them financially and provide aid to build a new product.

Google for Startup is available in 135 countries and provides advisory and training services.

Think with Google 

A great platform for planning your marketing campaigns. Think with Google provides detailed customer behaviour, marketing insights and strategies that work for multiple industries.

This is however only available in selected countries but includes Singapore.

Google Search Console 

Is a web-based service that helps you understand how well your website is performing on search engines as well as on other devices.

With this you can ascertain the loading speed of your website, whether your site is responsive or not and how many other domains are linked to your website.



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