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Grace Chan models jewellery in first public appearance since birth of second child




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actress Grace Chan made her first public appearance on Wednesday (Oct 14) since giving birth in July to her second son Yannick.

Chan, 29, smiled for the cameras at an event where she modelled jewellery pieces for an company. Chan later told the that she does not ask her husband, Hong Kong actor , 51, to buy her expensive jewellery as she is always busy with housework and rarely wears them.

“99 per cent of the time, I’m in my pyjamas. After this, I’m rushing home to take care of my kids!” she said. Her older son Rafael is one. During the chat, a reporter asked her a really weird question: Whether Chan had noticed an increase in cup size after .

Grace Chan with and their sons Rafael and Yannick. Picture:
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Chan took the question in her stride and said: “There are pros and cons of . The good thing is that my child will be healthy. However, it is a lot of hard work, ‘cos it takes two to three hours to feed the child. But it’s all worth it.”

The actress said that taking care of both sons at the same time may be stressful but that,  thankfully, Cheng was there to help. When he returns from work, he takes Rafael out to the park to play.

Chan was full of praise for Rafael, saying that he is not jealous of Yannick. In fact, both brothers get along well and Rafael’s happy he has Yannick to play with.

When asked if she hopes to have a girl next, Chan joked that she’s “not closing her factory just yet”.

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“I won’t say it so soon. We’ll just go with the flow. I’m very busy now. If I give birth to a third one too soon, I’ll feel sorry for the brothers,” she said, adding that Cheng respects her wishes and that they have agreed to focus on the sons for now.

Chan also said that she will not return to work anytime soon. “I can’t handle everything for the time being. If my husband is filming, I will . If I want to work, he’ll . It is difficult for both of to work at the same time,” she said. /TISG

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