Group of children feed lit firework to poor dog, causing horrific injuries

Group of children feed lit firework to poor dog, causing horrific injuries

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A poor dog in San Lorenzo, Paraguay was left with horrific injuries after a group of local children fed the animal a lit firework.

The local press reports that the children were playing with fireworks and firecrackers when one child brought the dog over. The children handed the lit firework to the trusting dog which grabbed the firework with its mouth.

Moments later, the firework exploded and ripped the female dog’s mouth to shreds.

Vet Dalia Benitez who treated the badly burned dog revealed that the dog suffered “multiple fractures in the mouth.” She added: “When are they going to understand that firecrackers hurt a lot and cause lot of pain?”

Photos showing the dog’s mouth hanging in shreds as blood pours has been going viral online. Page 7 will not republish those pictures due to its graphic nature.

Netizens responding to the picture were shocked at the level of violence that was inflicted on the poor animal:

Gabriela Mendez Martinez: “I hope she will survive, parents, call attention to your children and teach them the value and respect for animals, do not lose your values and principles, please, they do not know how to defend themselves, we can help them.”
Vicky Lares Macias: “Those who did it are the future criminals.”
Roberto Blanco: “I hate those who abuse animals. All nature should be loved and respected, not destroyed.”
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