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, Sept. 19 — I think fashion will undergo a sea change in the coming months which will define its future trajectory. ’s a departure from bare shoulders, ruffles, belted waists, tiers, embroidered sweet whispers in organza, what’s new is an eco-vision as the has removed the rose tinted glasses. The whole idea of reuse, recycle and buy back has now found a renewed interest.

“Revolutionary” is the buzzword and with this comes the wings of freedom, where you can wear your mother’s trousseau by refashioning . What I have observed is the growth in the handloom sector and a willingness to adopt textiles which are an embodiment of timelessness within the framework of couture.

Unlike the need to create endlessly, now you make on-demand smaller capsule collections, which are pointed. With seasons and trends fading away, the pressure has eased on the style hemisphere, where you are launching more solution-based ensembles with versatility. One outfit, can be worn in three different ways or revisiting vintage techniques, which are labour intensive but possess powerful imagery are now gaining steam.

Slow fashion:

The philosophy of ownership is also transforming, as you are repurposing with purpose, and getting innovative with existing materials. Valaya has brides come to him with their mother’s trousseau asking for a modern twist, in keeping, with his “royal” ideology. While Shantanu and Nikhil have started a buy back scheme for their old garments where you can win credit notes under –Re-love, Re-own & Re-use.

Amit Aggarwal has been a champion of sorts working extensively with metallic accents that sometimes come from used pipes, polymers intermingling it with textiles and sparking a conversation on how important it is to pursue less is more.

Code Red:

If you study the Couture Week collections, they have been injected with vibrant hues to probably add a bit of sunshine to a gloomy last 6 months. From sindoori red to vivacious fuchsias, there has been a new palate for palettes.

Live action shopping is outdated, one-on-one styling appointments, real time and the digital closet is the next wave. The good part this year, is the see now, buy now model, will allow consumers to get their hands on what they have just finished viewing.

There is a rise of e fitting, phygital experiences, Artificial intelligence and virtual models. I foresee a time when technology will enable you to select your own fabric and print making it custom-built adapting to altering social behaviour.

I think couture will also leave its formality and modern separates will be a norm.

Intimate weddings have brought out the best in designers with experimentation becoming the flag bearer as tradition meets technology with a “feel great” factor. As long as brides need one-of-a-kind clothing, that is individual and suited to their fantasies, couture will reach the pinnacle of prosperity. It is here to stay and rule the .

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