In Alabama, people are now allowed to carry guns without a state permit requiring background checks. The law took effect on January 1, making Alabama the 25th state to push thru with this kind of legislation.

The latest state law ended the requirement for a person to get a permit to legally carry a concealed handgun in public. However, a person can still choose to get a permit if he/she wants to.

Right to keep and bear guns

Proponents of the legislation have been unsuccessful for many years in Montgomery, but this year, they won approval.

The regulation was advocated by gun rights advocates who call it “constitutional carry,” with reference to the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. Despite the win, detractors including state sheriffs and other law enforcers continue to maintain that gun permits help fight crime and boost public security and well-being.

Those prohibited are still prohibited

The National Rifle Association Institute for Legislative Action, which lobbied for the Alabama legislation, said that there are now 25 states that allow the carrying of guns without a permit.

Rep. Shane Stringer, the legislation’s sponsor, said that “It’s going to be a big step to help the average law-abiding citizen to keep them from having to go through the hoops of getting a permit to carry their weapon.”

Stringer however stressed that the law only impacts the permit requirement. “It’s not going change who can and cannot carry a gun. People that are prohibited now are still prohibited.”

The Alabama Sheriffs Association opposed the legislation, however, Alabama sheriffs are clear on the law taking effect Jan. 1 and have adjusted accordingly.

Jones and Stringer said there are still reasons a person might consider getting a permit. Jones said, “maintaining an Alabama concealed carry permit is wise when traveling out of state; reciprocity applies — other states may require non-residents to have a permit from their state of residence.”

Stringer reminded people that there are still places where weapons are banned entirely for security reasons, such as a courthouse.

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