Earlier this week South Korean actress Han So Hee went viral online after her appearance at the British Fashion Awards. The Nevertheless star was seen making an appearance at the award show in London (Tuesday, 6 December).

Following the appearance, British cosmetics brand Charlotte Tilbury took to its official Instagram account to share photos and clips of the Korean beauty with several other celebrities including Sabrina Carpenter, Poppy Delevigne and Lily James.

Han So Hee looked outstanding in her exotic beauty and attention-grabbing charms. The World of the Married star stole the spotlight with her see-through green dress. In the photographs, Hee showed some skin in a breathtakingly beautiful dress.

Hee also left the internet stunned after a video showing her revealing the back of the dress was posted on Twitter. The back of the dress was clearly see-through unlike the front of the dress.

That said, it appears that she was wearing a skirt underneath the dress.

The Internet was abuzz with Hee’s amazing see-through outfit. Netizens said that the beauty had stolen the spotlight at the event. Some commented that she looked like a Disney princess. Check out some of the comments here:

  • “She looks like the main character.”
  • “She’s literally a princess!”
  • “She looks very much like the main character, LOL. She chose the dress well.”
  • “Out of the group, I only see So Hee. She’s seriously so pretty.”
  • “Wow, the dress looks so good on her.”
  • “She’s a princess.”

Many netizens were left mesmerised by So Hee’s breathtaking beauty.

In other news, Han So Hee has been getting attention from netizens for her beauty. She attracted the eyes of many when a netizen uploaded recent photos of her in a white dress on an online community forum.

She also made headlines for her stunning photos taken at a sake bar.

Netizens left comments such as, “this kind of beauty cannot be obtained through plastic surgery.” They also said that Han So Hwee is the number 1 actress whose beauty reflects the generation of the current times.

Meanwhile, some netizens noted that she has “lost so much weight” recently. Others made comments not just about her external beauty but also about her personality, saying that they “know people in the industry who testified that Han So Hwee is freakin’ nice.”

Other netizens also brought back an image from her appearance in a period drama where she exuded traditional elegance.

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