Health & FitnessHappy doggo wakes human up with cheerful tail wiggles. You'll love the...

Happy doggo wakes human up with cheerful tail wiggles. You’ll love the video

Adorable dog wakes owner up with cute tail wiggles

India — Are you searching for something cute to watch? Well look no further because this happy doggo is here to greet you good morning with its adorable furry face. The video, shared on the subreddit aww, may leave you gushing.

The clip starts with a doggo roaming around its human’s bed trying to wake them up. It’s happy face and tail wiggles are too cute to handle. What is even more delightful is the pooch’s reaction when its human pets it.

“Good Morning, wake-up dad,” reads the caption shared along with the video.

Take a look at the video:

Good Morning ☀️ wake-up Dad from aww

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Shared on April 1, the clip has garnered over 33,000 upvotes and several comments. While some couldn’t stop gushing at the happy doggo, others pointed out that the doggo’s tail wiggles look cute.

“That tail though!” wrote a Reddit user. “Wiggly woo doggo,” commented another. “Okay I need this doggo in my life,” said a third.

What are your thoughts on this clip?

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