EntertainmentCelebritySalma Hayek shares beauty secret to stay young and no Botox

Salma Hayek shares beauty secret to stay young and no Botox

Salma Hayek recently discussed the secrets behind her youthful beauty during a conversation on Kelly Ripa’s podcast, Let’s Talk Off Camera.

Despite her perpetually youthful appearance that often amazes fans, the 56-year-old actress shared that her beauty regimen surprisingly does not involve any injectables like Botox. Instead, she follows a unique approach to maintaining her radiant looks.

Photo: Instagram/Salma Hayek

Hayek has created a “strange” meditation practice that she claims not only energises her but also improves her appearance.

She swears by frequency machines during her meditation sessions, which she claims work exceptionally well for her.

Frequency therapies

Aside from meditation, Hayek uses non-invasive beauty procedures such as radiofrequency and microfrequency equipment to smooth and tighten her skin. She has discovered that the outcomes she obtains from these therapies are unparalleled in comparison to others.

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Beyond aesthetic benefits, her meditation routine also positively impacts her overall health. When she neglects her meditation practice, she notices physical changes in her appearance and experiences health issues like herniated discs, neck problems, hip issues, and ankle troubles resurfacing.

Avoiding Botox

Hayek has been vocal about her decision to avoid Botox, stating that she dislikes the idea of a frozen face and ongoing treatments required for life. Like other celebrities such as Stevie Nicks, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep, she opts out of this treatment.

Furthermore, she has previously shared her skincare secret, Tepezcohuite, which is used in Mexico for treating burn victims. This ingredient significantly regenerates the skin, and Hayek exclusively uses products containing it, avoiding Botox, peels, and fillings.

In summary, Hayek maintains her ageless beauty through a combination of meditation, frequency machines, non-invasive beauty treatments, and a unique skincare ingredient. Her dedication to natural and holistic approaches sets her apart from the traditional beauty standards often associated with Hollywood celebrities.

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