Asia Singapore Hearing impaired pedestrian assaulted by cyclist seeks witnesses to identify assailant

Hearing impaired pedestrian assaulted by cyclist seeks witnesses to identify assailant

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Honey Soo took to the Facebook of SG PCN Cyclist to recount a harrowing incident of assault at the hands of another cyclist. She recounted that at on 26 March at around 9am, she was walking with her husband along the footpath adjacent to Sengkang East Way (beside Sengkang Hospital and towards Sengkang East Road) when a cyclist was trying to ride past them.

As Soo is hearing impaired, she did not realise that the cyclist who behind them was ringing his bell non-stop until her husband gestured her to move aside. She said that the cyclist kept turning his head back to stare at them as he continued riding forward towards Sengkang East Road before stopping at the traffic junction of Sengkang East Way and Sengkang East Road.

The couple stood a distance away behind him while waiting for the traffic light as he continued to stare aggressively at them. They tried explaining to him that they have already given way once they realised that someone was ringing a bell at them from behind. Soo also explained to him that she is hearing impairment and therefore did not hear his bell ringing until her husband told her about it.

The explanations did not assuage the cyclist and he continued his verbal abuse which prompted Soo to take out her mobile phone to record him. This was when the cyclist suddenly raised his hand and slapped Soo across her cheek.

Soo said that this was witnessed by the people at the pedestrian crossing as well as people who were making their way across the junction towards the other side. The cyclist then tried to escape by riding across the junction even though the lights were not in his favour. He was prevented from doing so by a middle-aged Indian couple with a young daughter and a young Malay man who had seen what happened. Her husband also stood in front of his bicycle to prevent the assailant from escaping.

However, the cyclist suddenly rode his bicycle straight into her husband before trying to escape again. When the lights turned in his favour, the man broke free and sped off across the junction before turning left in the direction towards Punggol. Soo and her husband gave chase but they could not catch him.

Soo appeals for anyone who has witnessed the incident or know the assailant to contact Sengkang NPC at 1800 – 343 8999. The post by Soo has gone viral with over 3,300 shares and over 1,500 reactions.

Source: Facebook

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