Home Asia Featured News Here’s a real shocker…Republicans leading 41-39 in early Michigan counts

Here’s a real shocker…Republicans leading 41-39 in early Michigan counts

While is leading in national polls, some polls are showing Trump recovering or winning in marginal states




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Here’s a real shocker…The Republican Party (GOP) is leading the in Michigan in early counts.

The votes are from 2 million ballots returned from 3.1 million requested in the state. Some 39 per cent of the ballots were requested by Democrat voters and 41 per cent from Republicans.

Thus, Republicans are leading the early count by two points right now IN MICHIGAN where the have a of building a sizeable early vote lead.

This time it is different and is perhaps a sign the GOP may be heading for a victory in the state. There is also a historic Republican turnout in the state on day.

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More than 58.5 million people have voted with still nine days to go before the general election Nov. 3, according to Associated Press.

This is the same amount of early and absentee voters for 2016.

This time, the early- numbers are fuelled by an additional number of states, including , because of .

On the other hand, the GOP is also leading in two other states where it was still a tie. Trump is ahead in and Arizona according to a different poll from the mainstream.

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But if the election were held today, the latest polls suggest this outcome in the electoral college would be as follows: 273 Joe Biden and only 125 for .

This puts the former vice-president Joe Biden narrowly ahead of incumbent Republican president in key battleground states.

National polls show Mr Biden at a significant advantage, with a 10 points lead over Trump but the latter is saying no one should trust the ‘mainstream’ companies.

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