LifeWhen doing heroic acts, age doesn’t matter

When doing heroic acts, age doesn’t matter

Ten-year-old Jack Johnson, lost his life at a frozen Solihull Lake attempting to save the lives of his friends who accidentally fell into freezing water but it is now said he was brave and attempted some heroic acts.

His daring selfless act proved that one doesn’t need to be an adult to become a hero.

Babs Mill Lake has now been called the ‘lake of horror’ as it claimed the lives of boys aged 8, 10, and 11, and another 6-year-old who is currently fighting for his life in a hospital at Babbs Mill Park in Solihull, West Midlands.

As reported by The Sun, Jack’s family and friends narrated how Jack heroically rushed to the other children in the water after hearing their cries for help.

According to Jack’s aunt Charlotte McIlmurray, Jack only thought of saving his friends and had no concern for his own safety.

Heroic acts

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In a Facebook post on the heroic acts, Charlotte wrote: “The 10-year-old boy is my nephew. He saw one go through the ice and he ran and tried to save them.”

Dale Hewitt, a friend of the victim’s family said the boy’s grandfather also rushed to the water and desperately tried to save his grandson.

Dale told the Telegraph: “It’s just heartbreaking for the family and this will have a massive impact on the whole community.

“I also know the grandfather of two of the kids involved.

“I heard that he ran down from where he lives and jumped into the lake to try to save them.”

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Cops also jumped into the lake in a frantic attempt to pull the youngsters out of the water.

Frozen lake

A frozen lake

A neighbor said Jack and the other children were “playing on top of the frozen lake when the ice cracked,” a neighbor related to MailOnline.

A vigil was held in honor of the “little kings who lost their lives.”

A lot of people were gathered with candles around the massive pile of floral tributes.

Police have not confirmed whether the boys are related to each other.

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Patrolling officers are still searching around the lake to be sure that there are no more children who have fallen into the water as temperatures plunged overnight to -3C.

Jack Johnson may have died young but his life wasn’t in vain. He died a hero.

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