Hillary claims sexual misconduct allegations against Bill Clinton were different than ones against Trump

Ex-US Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton claims that the allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband, ex-US President Bill Clinton, are different than the ones leveled against Judge Brett Kavanaugh and current US President Donald Trump. Mrs Clinton, herself, failed twice in her bid for the presidency in 2008 and 2016.

Hillary was speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about the joint speaking tour she is going on with her husband – for which tickets are reportedly going at $700 a pop – when she made her defense.

Touching on how both the Clintons will be fielding questions together on the speaking tour, Amanpour asked Hillary whether she is prepared to answer questions relating to the allegations of sexual misconduct against Bill Clinton and whether those allegations are similar to the allegations against Kavanaugh or Trump:

“You say that you are going to talk about the difficulties that your husband went through, that you went through. Obviously you’re going to be prepared to have questions about that moment in 1998, the impeachment, the allegations of sexual [misconduct] against your own husband.

“Are you prepared to answer those questions? Is he prepared to answer them? And how do you see that similar or different from what President Trump is being accused of and Kavanaugh and others today?”

Defending her husband, Hillary responded that there is a “significant difference” between the allegations against Bill, Kavanaugh and Trump. She also seemed to welcome an investigation to compare the allegations against the three men:

“There’s a very significant difference. And that is the intense, long-lasting partisan investigation that was conducted in the ’90s.

“If, you know, the Republicans, starting with President Trump on down, want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves.”

Last month, former special prosecutor Ken Starr, who led the perjury and financial mismanagement investigations against the Clinton administration, revealed in an explosive tell-all memoir how then-First Lady Hillary Clinton handled the fallout of her husband’s infamous affair with intern Monica Lewinsky.

After a nearly two-decade silence, Starr revealed that he believes that Hillary was a “systematic enabler” of her husband’s infidelity and that she worked for decades to organise cover-ups that hid Bill’s many affairs.

Starr further paints Bill as a “deeply flawed president who believed he was above the law,” and added that he was able to sidestep further damage since the public thought that he was just entangled in an innocent affair.

Hillary was a “systematic enabler” of Bill Clinton’s affairs: ex-special prosecutor who investigated Clinton White House tells all