Hong Kong actor Benz Hui’s daughter, Charmaine Hui, 24, engaged to S’porean

Hong Kong actor Benz Hui’s daughter, Charmaine Hui, 24, engaged to S’porean

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Singapore — Hong Kong actor Benz Hui’s daughter, Charmaine Hui is now engaged. In a report by Shin Min Daily News (SMDN), the 72-year-old actor and his wife were there when their daughter was proposed to.

On Oct 19, the 24-year-old owner of Café Bakeaholic announced the news on her Instagram including pictures of her with her fiancé grinning from ear to ear with the caption, “We (oui) 💍 #engaged”.

Speaking to SMDN, Charmaine shared that her fiancé is Shane Sim, a 26-year-old Singaporean who is studying for a Master’s degree in Hong Kong. Hong Kong media outlets asked about Sim’s appearance which has been compared by Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan and Charmaine humbly said that Chan is far more handsome.

It is not certain when will be the wedding date, but the couple will hold two weddings, one each in Hong Kong and Singapore. This is because they have many relatives and friends.

Photo: Instagram screengrab/benz_hui

SMDN reported that the couple met six years ago through friends, and they hit it off so well that Charmaine brought him home to meet the family after a couple of months.

However, the relationship has not been rosy all the way. The couple broke up amicably once due to conflict in opinions. After a month or two of separation, they quickly rekindled their relationship and have been together since, reported Mothership.sg.

According to Charmaine, the break-up was a test for their relationship, whereby they have both “passed”. In his own Instagram, Hui himself broke the news as well, expressing gratitude to friends who have conveyed their congratulations.

In response to Lianhe Wanbao‘s queries about when Charmaine will get married and if Hui is anxious for a grandchild, the veteran Hong Kong actor said with a laugh, “Marriage is a matter between the young people, I’m not anxious!”

Hui confirmed that his future son-in-law has gained his approval, adding that Sim is honest and caring towards Charmaine. The veteran actor is now in Hong Kong for a break with his family after a shoot in China. The proposal had happened in Hong Kong, based on his location tag. The actor revealed that his daughter is not thinking of getting married soon as she is focused on her career. Charmaine opened Café Bakeaholic in Yishun last year.

Her food received positive reviews despite facing challenges due to the pandemic, which boosted her confidence to plan to open two more cafés along Orchard Road.

According to Wanbao, Hui had forked out around SGD150,000 for Charmaine to start her first café.

Nevertheless, he remains supportive of his daughter’s future business ventures. /TISG

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