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Hong Kong actress Jacqueline Wong’s final act

The affair upset their fans and may have also cost them support since their careers went downhill after the scandal broke.




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’s last work on screen might be the television series ‘Finding Her Voice’.

The actress has reportedly retired from the entertainment industry and is now residing in Canada.

According to Hong Kong China Press, the actress has also changed her name.

The TV series Finding Her Voice was previously scheduled for airing next month in conjunction with TVB’s anniversary celebration after being in cold storage.

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The freeze came after a of the 30-year-old Wong kissing and cuddling with Hong Kong actor and singer in the backseat of a car went viral.

In a report, ’s Sin Chew Daily said Wong messaged the producer of the 30-episode series Huang Weisheng.

“In the message, she thanked everyone for their hard work in the series and she wished everyone well,” the report quoted him as saying.

After the incident earlier this year, Hui had hosted a press conference where he broke down in tears and apologised for his behaviour.

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Cantopop queen later posted a statement on saying she forgave him and that was “an important lesson” in their marriage, while Wong’s ex-boyfriend Kenneth Ma has since announced their break-up and called Jacqueline “a friend.”

The affair upset their fans and may have also cost them since their careers went downhill after the scandal broke.

When brought on her concert tour, the fans were unhappy with the Cantopop actor and singer.

The couple was seen travelling abroad together holding hands and vacationing with other celebrity friends.

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Hong Kong actor Dicky Cheung and his wife, Jess, were also spotted at the same airport on the same day.

According to Apple Daily, both couples had presumably arranged to travel separately before regrouping in order to not draw attention to themselves.

It is also speculated that the four were headed towards England to meet up with Hong Kong producer Mark Lui and his wife.

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