Hong Kong star Jacqueline Wong has yet to move on after affair

Scarlett Wong, her sister told Hong Kong's Ming Pao that Jacqueline's mood was still "unsettled" and that she wasn't sure what to do next

It has been about five months since Hong Kong actress and singer Jacqueline Wong was caught kissing singer-actor Andy Hui at the back of a cab but Wong has not moved on or recovered.

Scarlett Wong, her sister told Hong Kong’s Ming Pao that Jacqueline’s mood was still “unsettled.”

“She doesn’t know what she should do next,” said Scarlett when asked about Jacqueline’s next move, adding that her sister is not in Hong Kong currently.

“She has made mistakes.

“Her mood is still unsettled and she needs time to face up to what she did.”

“But we are united in facing the matter.

“There are still a lot of people who love and support us.”

When asked if her sister’s scandal would affect her working relationship with Sammi Cheng, Hui and Jacqueline’s former boyfriend Kenneth Ma, Scarlett who is also an actress said she has yet to think about it.

“Ask me when the time comes. I will not run away if indeed there are offers for me to work with them.”

It was previously reported that the 30-year-old Jacqueline had fled to the United States after her affair with Hui was exposed in April.

Shortly after a video showing the two kissing and cuddling in the backseat of a car blew up online, Hui hosted a press conference where he broke down in tears and apologised for his behaviour.

His wife, Cantopop queen Cheng later posted a statement on her Instagram saying she forgave him and that it was “an important lesson” in their marriage, while Ma has since announced their break-up and called Jacqueline “a friend.”

Following the scandal, Jacqueline lost many job opportunities. As for Andy Hui, fans were outraged by what he did and despite Sammi Cheng asking them to forgive him, they were still upset by the affair.

Andy Hui appeared in Sammi Cheng’s concerts but received a lukewarm response.

The couple went for a vacation with other celebrity friends recently. -/TISG