Hossan Leong says goodbye to solo standup comedy with last show, plans to remake his creative career

The entertainer is currently staging his last show, "Hossan-Ah 50!" at the Drama Centre Theatre until August 31

Nope, it’s not a joke. Veteran Singaporean standup comedian and actor Hossan Leong, 50, is retiring from the stage—well, maybe not from the stage but from solo standup comedy. Leong, who plans to “reinvent” his creative career, is currently staging his last show, “Hossan-Ah 50!” at the Drama Centre Theatre till August 31.

It’s been all about the laughs with Leong, who has put on some marvellous acts over his illustrious 26-year career that has spanned the stage, TV, film and radio.

Leong’s last solo standup show

Photo: Hossan Leong’s last solo standup show/Facebook

Leong has announced that his show, “Hossan-Ah 50!”—ongoing at the Drama Centre Theatre till the end of this month—is his “last big solo one-man-show”, according to CNA.

While Leong will be saying farewell to solo standup shows, the actor-comedian isn’t shying away from the entertainment industry he so loves.

Leong told CNA that it is “important to reinvent oneself” as an entertainer, so while we will be witnessing “the last incarnation of this standup persona known as Hossan-Ah!”, he will still be around—just creatively evolved.

Leong, who does not look it, recently turned 50, and he is celebrating his five decades by filling other shoes in the entertainment industry.

His future plans

Photo: Hossan Leong will perform in “A Spoonful of Sherman” in November/Sistic

Besides continuing to perform in plays, musicals, in film and on TV, Leong wants to turn up his talents by directing and creating more.

Fans of the funnyman, don’t despair. “I’ll turn up somewhere sometime”, said Leong.

Catch Leong this November in Sing’theatre’s “A Spoonful of Sherman!”, a musical and compelling tale of one family’s century-long, award-winning musical journey.

Gratitude is his inspiration

Photo: Hossan Leong/Facebook

Leong expressed gratitude over his coming new chapter in the arts and over conquering life in his 50 years on earth.

The last year has been a serious and tough one for Leong; he narrowly escaped death after he contracted a bacterial infection caused by contact with contaminated water and soil, melioidosis.

It was during the filming of HBO’s “Grisse” in 2018 that Leong caught the deadly infection, and he spent 10 days in the hospital fighting for his life.

The experience has made Leong grateful for his life and for what he’d been able to do and accomplish in 50 years and inspired the theme for Leong’s final solo standup show.

Leong’s last show is his biggest one yet

Photo: Hossan Leong plays different Disney princesses at his last show/Facebook

“Hossan-Ah! 50” is big, his “biggest and grandest” show yet, replete with a live band and three back-up singers and a massive production budget of “over six figures, not exceeding half-a-million dollars”.

A post on Leong’s Facebook said that the show is “incredibly full of heart and love and all about giving back to the community”.

Leong dazzles onstage, singing about recessions, living through different tourism slogans, international airports and the government. At some point, he plays eight different Disney princesses in 12 minutes.

Looking back on his long and exciting career, Leong told CNA that the Conferring of the Chevalier de l’ordre des Arts et des Lettres, hosting the National Day Parade, as well as directing the “True Colours” concert were some of his proudest moments.

“I’ve been very blessed to have had so many opportunities in so many different genres”, said Leong.

Hossan-AH 50! Love You Leong Time! is playing at the Drama Centre Theatre until August 31, 2019. For ticketing enquiries, email chope@doubleconfirm.sg. /TISG