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How did a man in Singapore get conned by a ‘Malaysian influencer’?

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Despite numerous reports of online scams and people faking their ID to claim to be influencers or well-known personalities, some people continue to fall for these tricks and are duped!

Nevertheless, reports show that Online-based scams are on the rise.

In some cases, scammers will use the photos and names of existing online ‘superstars’ to claim they are in love with them or are in such deep trouble that they require assistance.

In some cases, people are so enamoured with the con artists that they are willing to forget everything and even send them money.

That is what happened in this case, according to a Shin Min Daily News report, in which two men in Singapore recently filed police reports after falling victim to what is believed to be a love scam.

Chen, one of the victims, spent a total of S$30,000 (RM95,267) on gifts for an influencer, while Lim spent S$3,000 (RM9,526) on the same influencer.

The influencer is said to be Malaysian but now resides in Taiwan.

It always begins with the victim following the influencer or the ‘influencer’ replying to messages from the victim.’

This will make the victim believe that a bigwig is responding to them.

Chen, a salesperson, said he began following the influencer about a year and a half ago and quickly became a fan.

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The streamer began interacting with her fans in November 2021, and Chen was overjoyed when he received a response from her on January 14, 2022.

He claimed they began chatting almost every day and that the influencer would send him selfies.

A costly affair

Chen says every weekday, the influencer hosted a stream, and Chen revealed that he once spent S$2,500 (RM7,939) on virtual gifts for her.

On March 1, the couple began “dating,” and the influencer requested gifts every 14th day of the month.

Chen also stated that she expected him to be at the top of the gift-giving leaderboard during each of her live streams and that she would be upset if he did not.

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There are other victims.

He believes there are at least 5 victims, 3 in Singapore, 1 in Malaysia and 1 in South Korea.

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