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How Doctor Strange 2’s theory could explain Spider-Man’s MCU Exit

At Reddit, the birthplace of the modern fan theory, a user offers up an idea on how to get Spider-Man out of the MCU properly and give Sony the ability to acknowledge his past vaguely enough for fans to understand




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Peter Parker’s is in a flux, not just in the movie but in reality now as well.
The Wall Crawler is out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and will join the newly created Spider-verse under the Sony umbrella.
Now Disney has to explain why this popular character is suddenly non-existent in the MCU and how does Sony explain away Peter’s MCU past as they move forward?
There is a new theory that gives a solid out of the MCU as well as proper backstory for Spider-Man.
revolves around the Sorcerer Supreme’s sequel film, Dr. Strange into the Multiverse of Madness.
The MCU already introduced a real multiverse in the first film while in the Spidey sequel we learned that Mysterio and his team invented the multiverse story.

So, if Sony and Disney can put away their differences that is the ‘ struggle’ over the character for one scene, you can do a post credits scene where Strange offers Peter and his Aunt May a chance to .

If you remember, Parker has been outed as Spidey and framed for murder so he is on the run.

Strange can find him an alternate Earth, one where he doesn’t exist yet, nor do the Avengers or heroes in general, and he can go be that ’s hero.

What Strange doesn’t know is that Symbiotes live on this Earth, leading to Spider-Man and Venom crossing paths.

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While this is much more a pipe dream than a possibility, is well thought out and offers an ‘out’ for both companies to save what has already been built. Only time will tell exactly how this split will end, but at least an option is out there to make said split work for both parties. -/TISG

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