How Khloe Kardashian deal with trolls and online bullies

The reality tv star has switched off social media a few times over the last few years to get away from the negativity

Being famous often means having to put up with internet trolls and bullies, this is something a celebrity like Khloe Kardashian can relate to.

The reality star has faced criticism about how she lives. Shamed for being a mother and criticised for promoting diet culture, Khloe is constantly on the receiving end of online trolls.

Despite being a popular celebrity, Khloe has had to face the harsh reality of being in the spotlight. Together with her family, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has faced negativity since the premiere in 2007.

The famous family understands what is it like to deal with ugly situations and negative backlash every day.

The Kardashian has been the centre of negativity since the first day of KUWTK.

Khloe Kardashian faces a lot of internet trolls and bullies. Picture: Instagram

Her weight has been the subject of criticism since the show aired. She said that it caused her to feel uncomfortable in her own skin.

Sharing with People in 2015, she said she thought she was in good shape but not enough for Hollywood’s eyes.

She did not realise she was the fat sister.

Khloe is used to being compared to her siblings but not in a harsh way. She then decided to play the role of the fat, funny sister. However, she was not actually fat but she let society make her believe that she was.

Comments flood every post that she uploads.
When this happens the Kardashian turns off social media and goes on a digital detox. Her friends and family know who she is and the people’s comments do not matter to her.
The reality tv star has switched off social media a few times over the last few years to get away from the negativity.
When commentators said harsh words about her daughter True on Instagram in September 2018, she turned off the comments.
During the Tristan Thompson/Jordyn Woods scandal, Kardashian also went offline as the internet went crazy about the whole incident.
Kardashian has not let negativity and internet trolls take over her life and that shows what a strong person she is.