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Huang Xiaoming’s awkward dance moves trends on Weibo

Many netizens were amused by the Chinese actor's awkward dance moves and they pointed out that the 42-year-old was off-beat




Hunan TV held a star-studded 818 Global Car Night Gala concert on August 18 featuring a huge number of A-listers including Chinese actor . A number of cast members from the hottest reality show gracing Chinese airwaves currently, Sisters Make Waves made an appearance too. Chinese celebrities Fei, Jia, Yisa Yu, Zhang, Sheng Mengcheng and Dany Lee from Sisters Who Make Waves prepared two performances with Xiaoming being featured in their second song-and-dance number.

Even though the performances went on without a hitch, the online reception was less favourable. The cameras filmed the girls, who were dressed in short shorts and skirts from a lower angle which angered the of the Sisters Who Make Waves contestants. Some of the went on Weibo to compare the camera angles the show had used during a male group’s performance and pointing out that the male group’s performance was fully shot from a ‘normal’ angle.

Fans also noted that Jia was not even shown on-screen during their performance which angered Jia’s fans. The fans accused the broadcaster of trying to erase Jia’s name from a promotional post they had made a few days ago, to cover up their broadcast mistake. Despite everything, the warmest reception was reserved for Xiaoming. His name appeared on Weibo’s trending search function soon after the performance.

Huang XiaoMing was asked to stick to acting instead of . Picture:

Many netizens were amused by the Chinese actor’s awkward dance moves and they pointed out that the 42-year-old was off-beat. In no time, the of the dance performance was uploaded online, with the hashtag “Huang Xiaoming’s Is Hilarious” attached to .

“Help, Huang Xiaoming’s dance is hilarious on all levels,” one wrote, while another netizen commented: “I laughed so much — his dancing is comparable to my dad who once got drunk and started dancing and singing by himself at home”.

In other news, Huang Xiaoming announced his relationship with Angelababy on February 28, 2014. On May 27, 2015, the couple registered their marriage with Qingdao Civil Affairs Authority. On October the same year, they had their at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. The actor announced Angelababy’s on Weibo on their first anniversary. Their son was born on January 17, 2017, in Hong Kong.



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