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Hyerim and fiance Shin Min Chul share about future family plans and role models

The pair announced their relationship this spring after dating for seven years.




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, formerly from Wonder Girls and her fiance opened up about their plans.

The pair announced their relationship this spring after dating for seven years. They will be getting married on July 5. The former Wonder Girls member was asked how she was feeling as she prepared for the wedding to which she responded that each and every day is a happy one for her these days. She said that since deciding to publicise about their relationship, the couple has received so many blessings from others and are now even holding a wedding. For her, feels like a dream.

Shin Min Chul gives in to Hyerim even though he has a rigid personality. Picture:

Hyerim talked about having children and although the pair have no concrete plans yet she would like a daughter and a son. Shin Min Chul added that ideally, he would like a daughter that looks exactly like Hyerim but she might end up looking like Min Chul so he thinks having a son would be better. Min Chul, is a Taekwondo athlete shared his hopes for their future children saying that there are many actors like Jet Li, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan have become -famous through their background in Chinese martial arts.

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He said that there were no actors who have become -famous through Taekwondo so Min Chul would like to raise a -famous movie star with a background in Taekwondo. Hyerim shared about which celebrity couples she would like to emulate. She said she would like to become Choi Min Soo and June Kang or Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra. “I want to live happily while bickering like Choi Min Soo and June Kang, and I also want to live a beautiful life that includes meaningful work like volunteering, just like Cha In Pyo and Shin Ae Ra,” she said.

Shin Min Chul then opened up about how much in love he was with his fiancee. He said that he has a very rigid personality and he is the type who is stubborn about something up until the very end. But he cannot be like that at all when comes to Hyerim and even in moments when he needs to be firm, he cannot bring himself to do . /TISG

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